Lenina 21a

Price 40 USD


Apartment in the area called Pavlovo Pole, 10 minutes walk away from Nauchnaya and Botanicheskiy Sad metro stations, 2 min away from the bus stop, this is one of the cleanest Kharkov areas - close to Sarzhyn Yar and Botanic garden.

Apartment description

Cosy one-room flat with fresh renovation and modern design. This apartment is located on the 5th floor of the 10-stored building, people in Kharkov name these buildings as OBKOMOVSKIE. In the room there are 2 separate sofa beds (one is bery big for 2 people and the other one is smaller for 1 person only), wardrobe for clothing, beautiful reading table made of the armed glass, new tv PANASONIC with surround sound and with more than 60 tv channels, DVD movies. Kitchen is equipped with all the necessary things - fridge, microwave, electric kettle, electric stove, plates, pans and other stuff. There is also a small tv in the kitchen - will keep you updated with the local Kharkov and world news, the sofa in the kitchen can be easily transformed into the big separate bed, good for 2 people to sleep. In total this small apartment can take a big family of 5 adults.
It also has 2 balconies - both with glassed windows. Even though this building has a central hot water system, we added the independent hot water heater - just in case...
This Kharkov apartment for rent costs 30-40 USD per day depending on how many days you plan to stay and how many people.

Additional info

  • Satellite tv?...... Yes
  • Internet?........................... No
  • Air condition?...................... No
  • Parking?........................... Yes


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