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Extra services

Our company is providing a number of extra services for our clients -

1. Transfer to/from the airport in our car, 15-20 USD depending on the car (BMW 545, NISSAN MAXIMA 20 USD, VAZ 21004 15 USD etc), pick-ups from 11pm till 7 am are 50% marked-up.

2. Transfer to/from railway or bus station, 5-10 USD depending on the car. Pick-ups from 11pm till 7 am are 50% marked-up.

3. Renting a car with a driver on the hourly or daily basis - prices depend on the car.

4. Various translation and interpretation services- like guides, official talks, oral and written translation, notary office services, daily and hourly and so on. Prices are negotiable with the traslator.

5. Leasing a laptop from us. The minimal leasing term is 3 days. For our regular clients the deposit is not required, for all the new clients the deposit (laptop's market value) is required. The rent price depends on the laptop modification, for example, the Lenovo 545 would cost 10 USD per day.

6. Renting the pc card for wireless internet provided by the company peoplenet. With the card like this you will be online all over Kharkov city!

EDITED in September 2014





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